Justification Toolkit

Get Approval to Attend NETInc

Attendance Justification Toolkit

We understand it can be challenging to ask for approval to attend NETInc so we have created this Justification/Approval Toolkit to assist you in making a strong case for the investment. We encourage you to review the materials below, review the program, and let these help you communicate the value that attending NETInc can provide when approaching your manager for approval. 

Below is information we provided for 2017.  We will be uploading information for NETInc 2018 shortly, but in the meantime, review the information below as it is very helpful.


First: Plan your strategy

Planning in advance is key.   Review the program and then customize your own “show schedule” by choosing the sessions that best fit your professional needs.

Second: Prepare your case

Cost and Benefits Worksheet

Letter to Manager/Supervisor

It’s important for you to communicate, and for your manager or supervisor to understand, that attending NETInc is a strategic investment in your training and development; it’s a cost-effective way to help you do your job better.  No where else can you meet so many peers that face the same day-to-day challenges.  No where else will you meet with content, product and technical experts that have solutions or problem-solving techniques.   The time spent at NETInc cannot be replicated by books, CDs, or online learning. 

Third: Follow-up

After you return, complete and submit a “post-show report” to follow-up and make your supervisor’s job easier.   They’ll remember the extra effort!

Post Show Report


Make sure to register for the conference and book your hotel!