Call for Papers

May 5 - 8, 2019 | Indianapolis, IN

NETInc 2019 Call for Papers

The deadline to submit an abstract for the 2019 program was October 31st.  We are no longer accepting abstracts.


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A best paper for the conference will be selected by the NET Division!


Abstracts for NETInc 2019 were sought that provide reports or case studies on the latest advances in technology as well as fundamental process knowledge to educate those new to the industry. Below is a list of the suggested abstract topics:

Fiber & Polymer Innovation
•    Biobased polymers for nonwovens
•    New polymer classes
•    Bio component fiber systems
•    Novel surface coatings – high performance coatings
•    Innovations with synthetic, glass fibers
•    Natural Fibers
•    Conductive fibers

Binders, Additives & Minerals
•    Next generation binders
•    Bio-renewable binders
•    Fire retardant additives
•    Minerals in pigments and fillers

Emerging Technologies
•    3-D printing for nonwovens applications
•    Bio-mimetics
•    Technical textiles

Fiber & Nonwoven Functionalities
•    Highly absorbent materials
•    Moisture resistant products
•    Mold resistant products
•    Oxygen permeable/barrier functionalities
•    Acoustic products
•    Fire retardant/barrier properties

Fiber Processing
•    Advances in web forming technologies
•    Advances in thermal, chemical, & mechanical bonding

Converting Technologies
•    Hot melt innovations
•    Surface activation technologies
•    New techniques for improved lamination, curing of functionalized coatings, surface sterilization, and polymerization

•    New product applications for nonwoven filters
•    Nanotechnology in nonwoven filters
•    Novel nonwoven and membrane technologies
•    Multilayered and/or gradient filter materials
•    Filter elements and systems
•    Novel raw materials for filtration – fibers, binders, flame retardants, etc.

•    Nanofibers in nonwoven products
•    Nanofiber processing
•    Nano-enabled technologies

Smart Nonwovens
•    Techniques for embedding electronics
•    Applications with sound

Building Sciences
•    New applications/products in building & construction
•    Increasing operational efficiency and decreasing environmental impact

•    Wound Care
•    Apparel
•    Surgical Devices
•    Biosensors

Regulatory Issues & Market Trends
•    Updates on current legislation
•    Impact of upcoming regulatory actions
•    LEED/Green building initiatives
•    Sustainable nonwovens
•    Global market factors affecting nonwovens

Sustainability, Regulatory Issues, & Market Trends

•    Updates on current legislation
•    Impact of upcoming regulatory actions
•    LEED/Green building initiatives
•    Sustainable nonwovens
•    Global market factors affecting nonwovens

Operations Management
•    Information technologies
•    Productivity improvement and cost reduction

Deadline for Submission: Extended to October 31, 2018.  No more abstracts are being accepted at this time.

Event Dates: May 5-8, 2019

Link to upload your abstract: TAPPI's Speaker Management
For Speaker Management questions, contact Pat Stiede

For more information about NETInc, contact Benjamin A. Hopper